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Our Friendship ..
Assalamualaikum .

Today , I wanted to tell you about my besties . Actually , my new besties .

As we known , I have many besties that I have updated about them in this blog . They are , Nina , Hani , Alya and others .

And now , the latest one is Anis Syazreen .
I often call her Reen and she often call me Aten .
As usual , we started to know each other ad we think that we will be a good friends . So , we try to understand each other . And yeah ! We're Besties . But , I also did'nt forget about My Beloved Besties . Nina ! loves her so much ! Also Alya and Hani .

So , this is  Nabilah and Syazreen picture .

That's it ! .

I think , this is the End of this Entry . Goodbye ! See you Soon ! 

Assalamualaikum ! 

p/s : sorry about my broken English . =D

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