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Related Topic To Yesterday !
Assalamualaikum .

For today , im gonna talk about related topic to yesterday's topic .

Yesterday , I've posted about Friend or Friendship . I posted about , my friends , what is friends and others .
I also posted about I HOPE THAT MY FRIENDSHIP with her will be as usual . I ended up with her just with Little Prank . But, for her , she take it serious and get her away from me .
      And today , i gave her a present just now due to her birthday (6.9.2000) . I wrapes the novel without write the sender's name . I gave to my friends to put it into her bag .
     Due to the Zohor's prayer in the Pusat Islam , she came to me and apologise to me . I dont know why and keep asking her . She had planned the other things to prank me . hehh .. because of the present , she regret and ask for apologise from me. I am very very very very very Heppy ! who know our friendship will start again just because of the novel . hahah Thanks to Allah !!

P/S: im sorry about me BROKEN ENGLISH ! #peaceyaww

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