Annyeong ! Welcome to my Exo world !! ^0^

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Annyeonghaseyo . Welcome to my EXO garden . I love you, you love me back okay ? . ThanGYU .


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-This is the Mashup Of Peterpan By Exo-K and Exo-M- *I Love Both Langguange*


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February Special Giveaway By Humai,CSS and Fasihah
Assalamualaikumm . Today's post is about giveaway ! hehe . im so excited beacause this giveaway is somehow really speacial to me beacause among of the gift , they are kpop things . I wish I had win those thing . As you know im XOXO girl and I loves EXO . haha . okey , let check it out !

List hadiah yang awesome!

Barangan Blog
Header x 3
Banner x 3
Review Blog x 5
Review Blog x 2
Header Non-Transparent x 1
Review Blog x 2
Review Blog x 3
Doodle x 1
Header x 2
Header x 1
Cursor x 1
Header x 1
Doodle x 1
Sling Bag x 2 
Sarung Tangan x 2
Printed Wideshawl x 1
EXO Button Badge x 2
Mini Calendar x 5
Sheseido Black Mask x 3
Act Top / Dress x 1
Shawl x 1
Sheseido Mask x 2
 Tshirt R4BIA x 3
Perfume Miniature dkny x 1
personalized Hand Towel x 1
Smurf Shoes HP Plug x 1
Barangan Kraf x 2
L.A Coffee x 1
Peel Off Mask Sophie Paris Strawberry Milk x 1 *gmbr yg kanan hujung*
Lens Container x 3
50 pcs coklat bars x 3
Ellips Hair Vitamin x 1
Beauty Set x 1
Blouse B.U.M Original x 1
Dress peplum x 1

Voucher 10% x semua peserta
Voucher 10% untuk peserta yang ikut syarat sahaja
Voucher RM5 x 3
RM5 maxis or celcom x 2
RM5 x 2
RM5 x 2
RM5 x 2
RM5 x 2
Semua pemenang dapat satu jenis hadiah Jadi berkemungkinan lebih 45 pemenang dicari (= 

I wish I could once in this GA :)

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