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-This is the Mashup Of Peterpan By Exo-K and Exo-M- *I Love Both Langguange*


Template :Arina Azman
Basecodes :Ino Arrien Wana
The Owner : Miss BaoziBun
Part 1 - Story Of A Bright Girl

 She is just and 18 years old ordinary girl who live by herself in an apartment that was given by her parents . She live alone in Korea because her mom and dad has some bussiness in Malaysia . They wont be back for 2 year long  . She refuse to follow them because she really love Korea and she feel her heart belongs to Korea . She has something inside her heart that she doesnt want to leave Korea .

    At school , she is the brightest person . Some people afraid of her too bright personality . The dont know the fact that she is trying to hide something . They never saw her cry . She cry but only when there  is nobody near her .. She smile  eventhough she is punished . She is really Harworking student in her studies . But her grade is just so-so . Not so good and not so bad . But she doesnt give-up easily . She even fainted once beacause she stay up too late because study too much .

    LOVE ? She was deeply in love once . But that's a tragic love . Even her love story is really
heartbreaking , she never show her sadness to anyone . She cover her sadness with her cheerish personality .
Because of her tragic love , every man that's attract to her are forbidden to enter her heart . The tragic love between a boy and a girl ............. That make a cheerish girl cry by herself . That make a cheerish girl keep a story inside her small heart . That make  a cheerish girl never seen a man .. That bastard guy just lucky that he doesnt taste her Powerful Kick .. But thanks to that bastard guy , her tragic love story has turn her into more cheerish person .... In order to hide her sadness ......

One day , in a class , Mr . Lim ( her homeroom teacher ) want to tell them something .

"Attention class ! Starting from tomorrow , We will have 5 handsome boy from Seoul . They are transfer student . "

       All girls in the class are full of excitement  with the exception of one . Yes .. She is .....

"Handsome ? What handsome ? Is handsome is everything ? There's nothing for me to be impressed for "
'because of that bastard ' - her  small heart said .

        Then , the quite class change into an chaotic class . They all busy talking about the new guys . Then .. They wait , wait and wait ............

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