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Part 11 : Our Vacation
" yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!! it's beach !!!!!!!!!! " - Chae Rin

" Ahhhhhh the windddd . really , so nice ! " - Minseok

At last , I am here .. I want to enjoy this .. I might not be able to come here again . Who knows ? -Chae Rin deep thought .

" Since we are here ? What should we do ? " -Kyungsoo

They decided to play beach volleyball . The loser will doing ;'ibsoo' (going in the sea water)

It turns out that Kyunsoo , Minseok , Lu Han , Sehun , Baekhyun , Jongin , Zhitao and Yixing to be the losers . They winners barely win with 6-5 score . They got really excited to see the losers doing 'ibsoo' .

" ahhh palli ! palli ! i'm so excited " - Chae Rin

" Yaaa shut up ! dont you know that cold water could kill us softly ? " - Kyungsoo

" Like I care :p " - Chae  Rin .

    They go in the water while screaming . They winner are all laughing at them . Chae Rin too . Then a thought came in her head .. ' when i can laughing like an idiot again after this ? ' 
She dont have much time left .. only 5 month remaining . After she watch ' The Scent of A Woman ' drama , she feels inspired somehow . That heroin case almost the same as her . Chae Rin decided to follow what the heroin did . She start with making a ' list to-do before gone ' . She actually thinks that the list tittle is funny but she dont even care haha .

    They are having a gimbapp as a dinner . they tend not to spend much money in this vacation . they want to enjoy this vacation like a camp . They sleep in their tent . there's a saying  ' as long as you with your friends , you can smile ' . they agree with that saying . they dont need luxury to make them happy . They are happy as long as they stick together with their friends . Yes , they are happy . But can they stick together till the end ?

After having their meal , they surround the campfire .

" Let's share our thought or secret perhaps .. here and now " - Baekhyun

And the late night talk goes like this ..

I have a ............ - Zhitao
I got an ..............- Yifan
I still have ..........-Yixing
I am not able to ..... - Jongdae
Im afraid of ......... -Luhan
I am ........... - Sehun
I ................ - Baekhyun
Did you know that I ,......... - Jongin
Actually , ............. - Kyungsoo
Its ........... - JoonMyeon
............. - ChanYeol
............. - Nina
..............- Alya
.................- Reen

And there goes a boy .

" Actually , to tell you the truth . I am having a crush on this little girl . She have made my heart flutter ever since I cam to this school . I dont know how should I put this but I think I'm in love .. I love her " - Minseok

" Yaaaaaaa ... since when our coldest guy fell in love ? " - Sehun start to tease Minseok .

" So what about her ? Tell us who she is " - Kyungsoo

" For now , it is a secret . I will tell you after I confess to her " - Minseok smile a bit .

and last but not least , our brightest girl ! ChaeRin !!!!!

" I actually dont have much to share ,.. haha but I have a list to share " - ChaeRin

" What list ? Its not so you  girl . hahahah " - Baekhyun said . The other just sit still out of couriosity .

"It is actually my to-do list before i'm gone " - ChaeRin begin to open up about her list . She told them her list  in detail .

" But why you suddenly make this list ? Are you going anywhere ? haha so weird . not to mention , the list are literally about spending time with us . I dont know you love us this much ahaha " - Luhan said as he find that list is funny .

" hahaha its nothing . i just hooked with scent of a woman drama .. i just want to try something new . haha who knows i might be gone later " - ChaeRin said it happily but actually her heart were torn apart . how is she gonna tell them about her illness ?

"yahhhh that list is okay what .. i find it quite interesting . Chae Rin , mind them hahaa " - Fatin said to cover up for ChaeRin . She knows best how Chae Rin feels right now . No one other than the girls know about ChaeRin's secret .

" okay okay .. but you are so weird Chae Rin " - the boys who did not know about her illness take it as a funny things . they thought ChaeRin was joking .

       The night is getting deeper . Everybody have gone to their tent . Chae Rin sits alone at the beach.
She stare at the night dark sky . Many thought came . Many memories came . ChaeRin couldnt help but cry because the happy memories sadden her . 'how is she gonna deal with all of this ? i love my friends . how should i told them ?'

      Suddenly , someone sit beside her . Ahhhh it's Minseok . They began to talk over something .

" ChaeRin , are you not curious about the girl that i like ? " -Minseok

" Just a bit hahahaha .. that girl sure is lucky hahah " -Chaerin

"hmmmmm... " -Minseok

"Minseok , what will you do if one of us , leave us ? I mean that person is sick or something like that"- ChaeRin ask longing for an answer .

" I couldnt afford losing them ... I am going to find the best doctor in this universe to prevent something that could happen afterwards . " - Minseok

           ChaeRin  fell in deep thought again . After hear Minseok's answer , she is unsure wheather  to tell them or not . ' maybe i should just go quietly need to tell them .. i dont want to burden them '

After talking a bit , they head to their own tent . One sleep with peace after saw his crush meanwhile another one sleep in weary thinking how to deal with her situation ..

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