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-This is the Mashup Of Peterpan By Exo-K and Exo-M- *I Love Both Langguange*


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Part 10 : It Hurts To Deal
" we still got 3 days until TBOTB . our song and the choreography is good but i think we should sharpen it " - Kyungsoo

" yeayh . we need to practice harder . " - Lu Han

" guys , i think we didnt have much time . cant we just stay here until that day ? " - Sehun

" are you crazy ? its okay , we can just practice with extra hour and then we should rest at our home . we need to be in the best condition to perform that day . " - Reen

" Right ... whatever happens . HEALTH is number one ! You should take the best care for yourself . " - Chae Rin .

Fatin , Reen , Alya and Nina gaze at Chae Rin .. Health ? Are you talking about health ? Why dont you just take care of yourself ?  They said deep in their heart .


Everything is all set . They check their instrument before going on stage . The girls will sing , Xiumin , Kyungsoo , Joonmyeon , Baekhyun and Sehun while the remaining are in-charge in the instrument .

Although they all are nervous , they manage to calm their nerves .

With a deep breath , the song begins .

Every single step you were leaving me ,
But im the one afraid to lose you ,
You were trying to push me away ,
But i want to be close to you .

*Please dont leave ,
Please dont leave me alone ,
Im afraid for being  alone ,
Please dont leave ,
Please wake up from your daydrea ,
And hold me thight in your arm .

When people hate me , they will leave me ,
And i'm the only one who is sitting alone ,
I hope they come back for me ,
But you are the only hope I have .

The day we start to know each other ,
And you trying to get close to me ,
The realationship that we used to create ,
But now it almost gone .

I hope we were together ,
And never hate
I hope we wont be separated ,
Coz you dont know how much I love you .

they finish it smoothly .. its a relief ..

That night , they secure the 3rd place . To them , that was really big achievement . They would'nt ask for more . They really enjoy ..

"Should we go to somewhere to celebrate ? Lets have our vacation " - Chanyeol .

" I want to go to the beach ! Pleaseee !!! "Chae Rin is the first to talk .

" Lets go to Jejudo then . " - Jongdae .

" YASSSSSSS ! " all of them said .

" But guys , i always curious about this song lyrics . Somehow , it has some deep feeling that telling to some person not to leave them . What are these our lyricist ? "

"ahhh its indeed have some story in it . but it will be our privacy " - Fatin said representing the other lyricist .

Deep in her heart , the song was meant to Chae Rin .. who is going to say .......... goodbye later ... tears start to fill her round eyes ...

p/s : i wrote lyrics in my form 1 :)

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